1. Moons by Pu the Owl


    "a limited mobile study in apping, iterations, shape, and color."


  2. Photography by Kerti Pahk


  3. Paintings by Marilyn Minter

    enamel on metal


  4. design by Michael Cina

    "Has there been a point when you’ve taken a big risk to move forward?

    'I like to think I do that all the time: I try to do it daily. I have a check-in point with myself and my work every six months to make sure I’m still taking risks and moving forward. Even though I’m an older designer, I feel like my career is starting again. It’s funny to have different seasons of work. I’m on my third “life” as a designer. 

    You have to take risks in order to move forward—I feel very passionate about that. I always say that if you feel uncomfortable, then you know you’re doing something right. I’ve recently had a new vision for where I want to go, and I’m going for it. If you don’t have a solid vision for where you want to go, you’re just going to meander around without doing the kind of work you really want to do.’” (The Great Discontent)


  5. Photography: Emily Soto

    Model: Jordyn Grae @ Marilyn

    MUA: Alyssa Lorraine


  6. by Swedish photographer Benjamin Goss 

    "When I first started working in the darkroom I spent hours trying to make the perfect print from one negative. I became a good printer, but how boring it was. After a while I began experimenting and mixing different chemicals and paper together… I learned through trial and error. Lots of error actually, but my mistakes ended up being the final result sometimes. Today I use the darkroom as an place of experimenting and thinking abstract. These images are Ra4 color prints from a mix of B&W and color negatives printed together. 35mm, 120, 4x5."


  7. lora-mathis:

    thank you, rebecca, for the purchase of my spoken word album :)

    you are so welcome! your writings reach past the mountaintops; i am so glad to have discovered them. please never stop unfurling yourself- you have such a carnal way of doing so, it reaches the true depths of me. thank you!


  8. Illustrations by Douglas C. Noe


  9. LSD by Benoit Paillé

    "After taking LSD, I light up a candle in the middle of the woods and during  30 seconds to 4 minutes of exposure, I make a meditation about the holism of nature surrounding me, feeling the crystal vibration irradiating from the center of the Gaia mother earth." .


  10. editorial by Bruno Dayan